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Research Team

Lora headshot bw.png

Lora Appel, PhD

Principal Investigator

aka The General

Samantha headshot bw.png

Research Coordinator

aka Sam Fun-gal

isabella headshot BW.jpg

Isabella Garito

Research Assistant


blueJo BW.jpg

Joanne Berrigan


aka Dementia Doula

Susanna_pic_bw copy.jpg

Susanna Pardini

Intl PhD Student

shim headshot bw.jpg

Shimi Mayer

Lab Programmer

aka The Real Shim Shady

Dr Christopher Smith_bw.jpg

Clinical Lead

aka Right-hand Man

DanielleTchao transparent.png

Danielle Tchao

Research Coordinator

aka Dan B'chan

Essete Photo BW.jpg

Essete Makonnen

Research Assistant

raheleh headshot bw.png

Post-doc Researcher

aka Post-doc Disney


Cameron Theta

Lab Recorder

aka 360 phenom

Jenny headshot bw.png

Senior Investigator

aka Jenny from the Lab


Brenna Lawson

UX Research Intern

aka URL of the Internet

Gray bw.jpg

Hannah Gray

Research Assistant

aka Winners

Di Qi_headshot.jpg

Kelly Qi

Research Volunteer

kappa - IQ

eva  again bw.jpg

Eva Appel

Research Analyst II

aka Mother Nature

Advisory Committee

ron beleno headshot bw.jpg

Ron Beleno

Caregiver Advisor


Jessica Bindra

Caregiver Advisor

morgan headshot bw.jpg

Morgan Rosenberg

Business Advisor

Jack Lora Appel website.jpg

Jack Gilbert

Caregiver Advisor

barry headshot bw.jpg

Barry Pendergast

Senior Advisor

deb bw.jpg

Deborah Bernstein

Senior Advisory Panel


ek headshot bw.jpg

Erika Kisonas

Research Analyst​

OrliBogler headshot bw.jpg

Dr. Orli Bogler

Research Assistant

tanya headshot bw.jpg

Tanya Narang

Research Assistant


Khrystyna Mozes

Research Assistnat

danjay hill headshot.jpg

Danjay Hill

Research Intern

suad headshot bw.jpg

Suad Ali

Research Assistant

aka Suzy

zain headshot bw.jpg

Zain Pasat

Research Assistant

aka Get your own Pasat

Jaydev headshot bw.jpg

Jaydev Vemulakonda

Research Assistant

aka Jay


Dr. Leedan Cohen

Research Assistant


Micaela Wiseman

Research Intern

Vlas headshot.jpg

Vlad Luchnikov

Research Assistant

aka Nojuku

Jamie Bursey_Headshot.jpeg

Jamie Bursey

Design Intern

HEADSHOT lucy bw.jpg

Lucy Gao

Graphic Designer

natalieEin headshot.jpg

Natalie Ein, PhD

Research Assistant

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