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Global News
VRx@Home Pilot

Susan Hay from Global News covered our story in her "making a difference" segment.

This clip features our first participant pairs from our VRx@Home pilot study.

CBC short
Feasibility study

CBC the National covered our  story in the early stages of research.

Here we have two participants trying on Virtual Reality for the first time.

Global News
National Coverage

Global News covered our story addressing the possible benefits of VR as a therapy for isolated older adults.

Elena's VR Experience 

Elena tries VR with her family and is able to recall her time as a gymnast in Russia dancing in the red square parades (a factoid her granddaughter was surprised to learn).


After the experience, Elena asks for help to stand up out of her bed, something she generally is reluctant to attempt, although recommended by her physiotherapist.

Baycrest Innovation Showcase

This is Janice. She is in her late eighties.

Here she is trying on VR for the first time.

Easily forgetting she is in a busy, noisy room, she treasures her time by the beach:

  "This is so relaxing, I can't get over this"

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