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VR  : Virtual Reality for Veteran Relaxation


The purpose of this study is to explore novel ways to use Virtual Reality to reduce resident responsive behaviours and maintain a healthy workforce, which has become a priority for The Perley Health as well as for the province of Ontario. The project will involve administering VR therapy to residents with responsive behaviours both at regularly scheduled therapy-time and at targeting triggered episodes of care/treatment. We will explore the impact of VR on responsive behaviours and its contributing factors such as pain, as well as the impact on health care providers.

Read our results in two published papers:


Appel, L., Appel, E., Kisonas, E., Lewis, S., & Sheng, L. Q. (2022) Virtual Reality for Veteran Relaxation: Can VR Therapy Help Veterans Living With Dementia Who Exhibit Responsive Behaviors? Frontiers in Virtual Reality. URL:


Appel, L., Appel, E., Kisonas, E., Pasat, Z., Mozeson, K., Vemulakonda, J., & Sheng, L. Q. (2021) Virtual Reality for Veteran Relaxation (VR 2)-Introducing VR-therapy for Veterans with Dementia-Challenges and Rewards of the Therapists Behind the Scenes. Frontiers in Virtual Reality. URL:

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