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Virtual Reality (VR) can provide a unique escape for people (patients and providers alike)
taking them far away from stressful, or seemingly hopeless environments, whether confined to enclosed settings due to limiting medical conditions, or work constrains.

The physical, emotional, and subconscious level of engagement afforded by VR is beyond what we currently comprehend.  VR's applications in healthcare have far-reaching potential and there’s a pressing need for rigorous studies and diversified exploration.

Our team is currently evaluating VR’s usability, safety and clinical effectiveness for people with various health conditions and in different healthcare settings. Examples include people living with dementia, people with epilepsy, and those in the intensive care unit. 

We are also studying potential benefits of VR in alleviating hospital staff burnout,
as well as, for nursing and allied health professional training.

Our Collaborators

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Our Funders

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