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VRxMAP: Virtually Mapping the Landscape
of VR use in Senior Care (launched 2023)

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are increasingly considered valuable tools for education,

research, and the provision of care for older adults and their caregivers.


Given the explosion of interest and the siloed nature of both research and healthcare,

it can be hard to know who is doing what, and this results in many of us re-inventing the wheel.


With this initiative, we hope to capture the changing landscape of VR & Senior Care and display it on an up-to-date dynamic map, where you can toggle information based on relevant tags (like implementation setting: e.g. hospital, community care, and program purpose: e.g. physical rehab, reminiscence).

If you know of a project/ program/ initiative/ organization or institution that we've missed...

Please fill in this FORM to get vetted and added to the VRxMAP.

Our longer term goal is to create a Community of Practice, so that curious stakeholders (like yourselves) can reach out to others with similar interests and perhaps already with experience creating, implementing, and evaluating VR for seniors!

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